Welding defects

Some of the most common defects in the manufacturing and installation of metal constructions are welding defects. They have an impact on the constitutive power of the structures and their utilization. Types of defects:

  • Grooves. The reason for their occurrence is incorrect electrode manipulation or excessive welding current. Grooves can be a) bigger than 0,5mm when the  thickness of welding steel isn’t more than 10mm; b) bigger than 1mm when the thickness of welding steel is more than 10mm.
  • Pores on the surface of seam welding. They become bolder when welding electrodes are used with damp coating or when welding on clean surface is done  in poor quality.
  • Insufficiently welded surfaces. This defect occurs when the welding speed is too high or its strength is too low.

All of these defects must be removed, and the seams have to be newly welded again. Seam weldings are examined by the professionals who inspect their shapes and sizes. If defects are not repaired, the whole structure is in danger of collapsing.


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